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Windrush 75th Anniversary Assembly

On the Thursday 22nd June 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush arriving in Britain. Its arrival marks one of the most significant changes to diversity in British society.

The children had an assembly, and were informed about how that after World War II,
Britain was badly damaged. It had also lost many people who haddied at war.Britain needed to be rebuilt. It also needed workers.

Britain had an Empire - a group of countries that it controlled. People in the Empire were considered British. Many islands in the Caribbean were a part of the British Empire.

Britain invited people from the Caribbean to help rebuild the country. In 1948, 492 Caribbean migrants travelled to Britain on the Empire Windrush.

Some of the passengers were excited and some were nervous. They said Britain was the ‘mother country’ that would welcome and look after them. Many passengers were
soldiers who had fought for Britain in World War II.