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Delta Parliament

We are very proud to have our very own school parliament. This is an opportunity to hear the views of all pupils through a democratic process. 

Each class has one member of parliament and a Year 6 Head MP. The members of parliament are responsible for collecting the views and issues raised in their classes.  The MPs lead the bi-weekly meetings. They take minutes and are supported by the Head of School, who chairs the meeting, to discuss their views and share their findings. 

A special 'Polling Day' takes place to vote for the councillors and MPs-  children have to visit the school hall to vote on ballot papers and enter into a box.   

A special 'Polling Day' takes place to vote for the MPs. Children listen to the speeches of the children wishing to represent our school and then vote for those they feel would make successful MPs. The election process takes place every year and the children place their votes in the ballot boxes.  These are then counted and the results are revealed in an assembly.

The MPs are extremely proud to be selected. They feel privileged to be able to speak on behalf of their peers,  and are excellent role models for the school.  All MPs are expected to be reliable, demonstrate the Delta Values, and may also need to give up some of their own time to volunteer for this position.