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  • 27/02/24

    Year 5/6 Jemison Science Museum Trip

    Year 5/6 Jemison had an amazing experience visiting the Science Museum. The children travelled by public transport and enjoyed exploring the different zones within the museum but also looking at different life cycles linked to their Science topic. The children also took part in various activiti...
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  • 26/02/24

    Empathy Week

    This week the school are support 52 Lives and are focusing on 'Empathy' during our PSHE lessons. All the children took part in the 52 Lives Empathy assembly and will complete various activities during their PSHE, SMSC and RSE lessons and daily circle time sessions this week. Empathy...
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  • 09/02/24

    Performance Poetry

    Today, we had each class perform their poems to the rest of the school. This children really enjoy reciting and performing with such confidence. We had some classes even make write and recite thier own poems!
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  • 08/02/24

    Year 3 Angelou Class Assembly

    Today, Angelou class performed their assembly to parents. The children were very confident and were able to report facts about the inspirational Mary Seacole and how she was best known for her work as a nurse in the Crimean War. The children had also written their own poem about Mary Seacole...
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  • 08/02/24

    Safer Internet Day 2024

    Today, it was also Safer Internet Day, where the children had a special assembly and took park in various actitivities. The children were able to use their long term memory and were able to say what they should do if they did not feel safe online.
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  • 06/02/24

    52 Lives Kindness Workshop

    Today, the children took part in a live Kindness Workshop linked to 52 Lives Random Acts of Kindness Week with many other schools. The children made cards as a kind gesture for people who were important to them. Our school was selected and the children's work was shown during the live workshop...
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  • 05/02/24

    Children's Mental Health Week

    This week the school will be supporting and taking part in various activities for Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme is 'My Voice Matters!' The children have already participated in a virtual assembly today and will be completing various activities throughout the week...
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  • 02/02/24

    Eco Monitors

    This half term, we introduced our new Eco monitors for each class in Year 1 to Year 5/6. The children all have their new sustainable Eco monitor badges and have been taking their role and responsibilities very seriously.  For example, the Eco monitors ensure any unwanted paper and plastic bo...
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  • 23/01/24

    Bring Your Grown Up to School

    This morning, we had a very successful 'Bring Your Grown Up' to school where many parents came in to have an insight of how Read Write Inc. and Reading Comprehension is taught across the school.
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  • 17/01/24

    After School Clubs

    Today, our after school clubs began for this term. The children really enjoy attending the enrichment clubs that we offer at Delta. We had our first ever Bikability Club, where the children were learning about being safe on the bike when travelling on the footpaths and roads with an adult. T...
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  • 12/01/24

    Author of the Month

    Today the children had a whole school assembly to introduce the 'Author of the month' who will be Floella Benjamin. The children will be able to pick and choose many books from written by Floella Benjamin from our Reading snug in the corridor.
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  • 11/01/24

    Perform Drama Workshop

    Today Reception Rosen, Year 1 Kahlo and Year 2 Mandela participated in a Drama Workshop with the company Perform.  The children were very engaged and enjoyed expressing themselves and being in role of many different characters.
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